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33B The Bassett Family of Blore

This is the Bassett Family of Blore, Hints, Staffordshire & Warwickshire.In preparing this tree not all earlier ancestors claimed by family historians are included because sources differ so much in their information. However it seems clear that this line of Bassets came from Normandy and that Osmond Bassett descended from Bathet or Baset,who acquired Oiully-Basset (now Oiully-le-Basset) and Normanville in 912. To see the whole tree search enter the name OSMOND BASSETT and select Osmond Bassett (root ancestor).

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Hints Hall,Staffordshire,England

Ralfe Bassett b 1405 married Margaret(Maud)Dethik (widow)and in doing so was the first Bassett to hold Hints.Thomas Bassett b 1475 was the second Bassett to hold Hints.Walter Bassett b 1567 and his wife Sconsolate Greville held Hints but the Bassetts were in decline during this time and Hints was finally lost by the family in abt 1604.
The picture is of the secondbuild of Hints Hall.

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