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Ephraim Bass

Male 1750 - 1823  (73 years)

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Larry B. Bass
Male 1845-1911
Edwin Bass
Male 1848-
Leonard D. Bass
Male 1851-1929
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Penelope Bass
Female 1857-1936
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Sarah Bass
Female 1812-
Simon Bass
Male 1847-
Peata Bass
Female 1850-
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Jesse Bass
Male 1812-1886
Joseph Bass
Male 1845-1927
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Malinda Bass
Female 1848-1922
Jeremiah Bass
Male 1851-1911
Marium Ward
Female 1858-1887
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David Bass
Male 1854-1901
Ephraim Bass
Male 1810-1868
Jesse Bass
Male 1864-
John Henry Bass
Male 1867-1923
Martha Simpson
Female 1871-1938
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Richard Bass
Male 1855-1870
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Emma Falson Best
Female 1853-1915
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Silas Rufus Bass
Male 1824-1892
Charity Carroll
Female 1820-1884
Jesse Bass
Male Abt 1840-
Female Abt 1847-
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Jonathan Bass
Male Abt 1841-
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Ellen Bass
Female Abt 1842-1916
Eliza Bass
Female Abt 1844-
Amos Bass
Male Abt 1846-1918
Mary Davis
Female Abt 1845-1926
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Charity Bass
Female 1854-1911
Barden Bass
Male Abt 1815-1859
Sarah Hayes
Female Abt 1813-
Martha Ann Bass
Female Abt 1834-
Isabella Bass
Female Abt 1835-
Patience Ann Deans
Female Abt 1843-1919
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Exeline Matthews
Female Abt 1841-1921
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Callie Barnes
Female Abt 1842-
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Polly Ann Bass
Female Abt 1848-1925
Mary Polly Evans
Female Abt 1805-1900
Albert Gray Bass
Male 1847-1914
Myrtle Brown
Female 1882-1937
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John Henry Bass
Male 1883-1964
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Asa Gilbert Bass
Male 1891-1935
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Lydia Jones
Female 1902-1967
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Maggie Bass
Female 1876-1900
Nellie Bass
Female 1879-1900
Henry Clay Bass
Male 1880-1950
Benjamin B. Bass
Male 1853-1922
Henry Bass
Male 1837-
Augustus Bass
Male 1843-1916
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Gaston Bass
Male 1845-1915
Lucinda Holloman
Female 1849-1931
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James Bass
Male 1800-
Penelope Bass
Female 1794-1820
James Bass
Male 1844-1926
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Wiley Bass
Male 1808-1860
Edwin Gray Bass
Male 1859-1930
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Amaziah R. Bass
Male 1862-1924
Netty Hayes
Female 1962-1915
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Isaac Bass
Male 1821-1901
Belinda Newsom
Female 1830-1903
Simon Bass
Male 1847-1910
Julia Cook
Female 1851-1923
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Elias Bass
Male 1850-1917
Mary Ann Bailey
Female 1847-1890
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Hosea Bass
Male 1852-1900
Alisa Bass
Female 1860-1922
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Elias Bass
Male 1824-
Female 1802-
Bennett Bass
Male 1843-1895
James Bynum Bass
Male 1867-1931
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Mary Alice Bass
Female 1868-1940
Larry Bass
Male 1844-1915
Mary A. Horne
Female 1847-1868
Annie Bass
Female 1887-1909
Mary J. Bass
Female 1889-1955
Elizabeth Lamm
Female 1895-1979
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Jane C. Horne
Female 1856-1930
Bunyan Bass
Male 1846-1860's
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John Bass
Male 1878-1880
Mary J. Bass
Female 1878-1932
Nellie Bass
Female 1883-1937
Jim Bass
Male 1889-1890
Sally Howell
Female 1899-1987
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Gilbert Bass
Male 1850-1891
Mary Ellen Long
Female 1858-1911
John Hardy Bass
Male 1880-1881
Benjamin Bass
Male 1883-1883
Jerry Roam Bass
Male 1888-1971
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Sula Bass
Female 1893-
Nora Lee Bass
Female 1893-1980
Henry Gray Bass
Male 1895-1986
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Isaac Bass
Male 1854-1917
Isaac Bass
Male 1808-1856
Keziah Bass
Female 1812-1865
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Ephraim Bass
Male 1750-1823
Female 1755-1800