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Annis Umfleet or Umflet


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Emma Bass
Female Abt 1869-
Hardy Bass
Male 1871-1941
Nancy S. Barnes
Female 1876-1910
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Anderson Bass
Male 1873-1957
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Polly Bass
Female 1874-1936
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Lula Bass
Female 1878-1937
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Maggie Bass
Female Abt 1880-1910
Charles Otis Bass
Male Abt 1873-1912
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Yetta Bass
Female 1881-1910
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Elisha Bass
Male 1883-1952
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Elisha Bass, Jr.
Male Abt 1847-1883
Nancy Crumpler
Female 1847-1902
Elisha Bass, Sr.
Male Abt 1813-1872
Polly Newsome
Female Abt 1824-
Hardy Bass
Male Abt 1849-1860
Ida Bass
Female 1878-1923
Emma Bass
Female 1880-1883
Mae Bass
Female 1884-1957
Sallie Bass
Female 1885-1949
Nathan Bass
Male 1851-1926
Priscilla Daniel
Female 1859-1888
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Nancy Howell
Female 1875-1901
Louetta Bass
Female 1865-1956
Arthur Bass
Male Abt 1867-1871
Lilly Bass
Female 1870-1940
Sidney Bass
Male Abt 1871-Abt 1873
Charity Bass
Female 1843-1907
Zillah Bass
Female 1849-1923
Edwin Lamm
Male 1843-1922
Arthur Bass
Male 1879-1933
Ida Jane Perrell
Female 1872-1934
Mary Lee Lucas
Female 1883-1929
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Etta Bass
Female 1883-1949
Leonard Bass
Male 1884-1885
John W. Bass
Male 1885-1887
Eva Bass
Female 1900-1988
Frank Bass
Male 1889-1949
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Dora Rose
Female 1892-1985
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Mary Bass
Female 1893-1970
Loumizer Bass
Female 1895-1978
Delphia Batts
Female 1861-1936
Loumiza Louisa Bass
Female Abt 1852-1873
William Bass
Male Abt 1860-1870
Mary Bass
Female Abt 1862-2006
Nellie Bass
Female 1865-1921
Nealia Bass
Female 1896-1960
Lela Bass
Female 1898-1973
Pattie Bass
Female 1903-1982
Minnie Bass
Female 1906-1977
Pennie Bass
Female 1909-1987
Mary Jo Bass
Female 1911-2004
Emma Sullivan
Female 1877-1960
Arthur Bass
Male Abt 1814-1872
Polly Mae Davis
Female 1890-1973
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Nora Olive Bass
Female 1891-1963
John Robert Bass
Male 1893-1979
Lillie May Deans
Female 1892-1978
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Thomas Ruffin Bass
Male 1 Sep 1897 (1896)-1968
Geneva Moore
Female Abt 1909-1988
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Ransome Bass
Male 1899-1899
Robert Bass
Male 1857-1932
Lydia Hooks
Female 1865-1899
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Nannie Barbee
Female 1910-1989
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Sallie Ann Bass
Female 1888-1942
James Henry Bass
Male 1891-1973
Martha Lewis
Female 1887-1923
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Bettie Dixon
Female 1894-1967
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Mary Bass
Female 1899-1937
John Turner Bass
Male 1903-1960
Tresa Ferrell
Female 1904-1968
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Thomas Bass
Male 1819-1896
Nancy Newsom
Female Abt 1836-1865
Sally Forehand
Female 1913-1965
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Daisy Eva Bass
Female 1906-1994
Sallie Ann Bass
Female 1910-1992
Essie Rola Capps
Female 1913-1987
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Lou Ellen Bass
Female 1914-1969
Ransom Bass
Male 1915-1915
Gray Thomas Bass
Male 1868-1951
Louis Bass
Male Abt 1895-
Louise Hinnant
Female 1899-1950
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Zettie L. Bass
Female 1902-1957
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Percy Bass
Male 1907-1969
Viola Rose
Female 1914-1964
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Noah Bass
Male 1869-1940
Kiziah Trevathan
Female 1878-1944
Elizabeth Bass
Female 1872-1937
Sallie Ann Hooks
Female 1835-1906
Leona Bass
Female 1878-1950
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John Thomas Bass
Male 1844-1925
Emma Smith
Female 1845-1905
Martha Bass
Female 1845-1873
Martha Bass
Female 1875-1905
Lizzie Barnes
Female 1877-1940
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Noah Bass
Male 1878-1947
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Silas Bass
Male 1880-1881
Elizabeth Lucas
Female 1843-1888
Mary Mae Bass
Female 1891-1970
Amy Pearl Bass
Female 1895-1996
R P Bass
Male Abt 1898-1900
Chelly Bass
Female 1900-1901
Noah Bass
Male Abt 1825-1849
Eliza Bass
Female Abt 1827-
Vicey Bass
Female Abt 1828-
Penelope Bass
Female Abt 1830-
Nancy Bass
Female Abt 1831-
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Wright Bass
Male Abt 1787-