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Moses Bass, Sr.

Male - 1819

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Hannah Bass
Female Abt 1786-
Isaac N. Bass
Male 1841-1842
Solomon Bass
Male 1843-1847
George Bass
Male Abt 1845-
Euphemia Bass
Female 1847-1935
Clarissa Bass
Female Abt 1849-
Samuel Bass
Male 1851-1878
John L. Bass
Male 1853-1936
Denton Bass
Male 1859-1948
Daniel Bass
Male 1821-1864
Charles Bass
Male Abt 1863-1898
Franklin Bass
Male Abt 1848-
Diadema Bass
Female 1849-1886
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Daniel Bass
Male 1850-1925
Jennie Lindsey
Female 1853-1903
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David Bass
Male Abt 1853-
Willis Bass
Male 1855-1893
Ruth Bass
Female Abt 1856-
Nancy Jane Bass
Female 1857-1864
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Mary F. Bass
Female 1860-1864
Margaret Tow
Female 1872-1922
Clinton Bass
Male Abt 1865-1884
Solomon Bass
Male 1823-1902
Katherine Sheeks
Female 1824-1865
Mary Jane Bass
Female 1852-1899
Augustus Haverly
Male 1850-1931
Julia Bass
Female Abt 1854-
Augustus Bass
Male 1859-1935
Kansas Moore
Female 1859-1940
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Hugh Bass
Male 1862-
Eddie Bass
Male 1872-
William Bass
Male 1826-1881
Mary Dodson
Female Abt 1859-
Sarah Dodson
Female Abt 1868-
Frank Dodson
Male Abt 1869-
Nancy Bass
Female 1830-1877
Benjamin Austin Bass
Male Abt 1854-1905
Lucy Blackwell
Female Abt 1855-1909
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Thomas M. Nugent
Male 1853-1898
Sally Reed
Female Abt 1858-1938
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Nora Bass
Female Abt 1875-
John Bass, Jr.
Male Abt 1835-1894
Sarah Bass
Female Abt 1838-
Isom Bass
Male Abt 1840-1865
Mahala Bass
Female 1844-1901
Maria Bass
Female 1846-1926
John Bass, Sr.
Male Abt 1789-1874
Catherine Bass
Female Bef 1800-
Mary Bass
Female Bef 1800-
Mary E. Bass
Female Abt 1849-
Lucinda K. Bass
Female Abt 1850-
Josephine Bass
Female Abt 1856-
Martha Bass
Female Abt 1858-
Isabel Bass
Female Abt 1862-
Emma Spargur
Female Abt 1871-1942
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Virginia Bass
Female Abt 1867-
John C. Bass
Male Abt 1827-1896
Sophia Toben
Female Abt 1827-1913
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John H. Bass
Male Abt 1853-1870
Mary Ellen Bass
Female 1857-1932
Martha C. Bass
Female 1860-1940
Edward Bass
Male 1862-1918
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Louvisa Ann Bass
Female 1864-1937
Moses Bass, III
Male Abt 1828-1902
Lydia Devore
Female 1827-1903
Sidney Bass
Female Abt 1871-1946
Hattie Bass
Female Abt 1873-
Dora Bass
Female Abt 1875-1963
Arthur Bass
Male Abt 1877-
Otis Bass
Male Abt 1879-1957
Emma Kaper
Female Abt 1880-1971
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Euphemia Frances Bass
Female Abt 1856-1941
Mary Manda Bass
Female 1859-1931
Sarah P. Syoc
Female Abt 1865-
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Martha Lee Bass
Female 1863-1943
Moses Price Bass
Male 1866-1936
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Ida Jane Bass
Female 1869-1907
Laura Ellen Bass
Female 1870-1941
Effie Daisy Bass
Female 1873-1957
Marion Avey Bass
Male 1875-1876
Susan Ann Thornberry
Female Abt 1857-1901
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Mary E. Bass
Female 1853-1914
Martha Jane Bass
Female Abt 1856-1857
Margaret Emma Bass
Female Abt 1858-1931
Sarah Ann Bass
Female 1860-1876
Lewis Edgar Bass
Male 1862-1919
Female Abt 1879-
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Lavina Ellis
Female 1828-1891
Moses Bass, Jr.
Male Abt 1800-1876
Female Abt 1792-
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James Henry Bass
Male 1857-1940
Emma Lenora Day
Female 1861-1944
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Wright R. Bass
Male 1858-1942
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Peter Bass
Male 1858-1948
Susan Etta Funk
Female 1861-1945
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Solomon L. Bass
Male 1861-1935
Lydia Bennett
Female Abt 1862-Bef 1900
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Virgia May (Vergie) Becker
Female Abt 1885-Bef 1902
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Sarah Ellen Bass
Female 1865-1937
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Rachel May Cline
Female 1872-1949
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Mary Jane Bass
Female 1878-1894
Moses J. Bass
Male 1855-1884
David J. Bass
Male Abt 1857-1935
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Mary Ann Bass
Female 1861-1942
Charles Bass
Male Abt 1863-
Henry Bass
Male Abt 1832-1860
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Henry C. Bass
Male 1857-1948
Minerva Bass
Female Abt 1861-1934
Wright Bass, III
Male 1864-1954
Arvella M. Rigsby
Female Abt 1877-1910
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Wright Bass, Jr.
Male Abt 1834-1870
Elizabeth Hughes
Female 1839-1931
George Bass
Male Abt 1860-
Alfred W. Bass
Male Abt 1861-
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James C. Bass
Male Abt 1872-
Mary Ann Burger
Female 1867-1939
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Mamie Mary Whitton
Female Abt 1883-1933
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Sarah Emma Bass
Female 1874-1929
John Bass
Male 1840-1918
Mary Marsh Baker
Female 1842-1918
Wright Bass, Sr.
Male Abt 1804-Bef 1870
Margaret Emily Gorges
Female Abt 1803-Aft 1870
Solomon Bass
Male Abt 1810-
Martin V.B. Bass
Male Abt 1839-
Bluford Bass
Male Abt 1842-
Sarah Bass
Female Abt 1844-
Hannah Bass
Female Abt 1846-
Noah Bass
Male Abt 1849-
Aaron Bass
Male Abt 1812-
Eliza B. Davis
Female Abt 1822-
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