Bassett Family Association Database

William Bassett, Sr.

Male 1755 - 1840  (84 years)

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James M. MEEK
Male 1827-1917
New chart
Levi Spencer
Male Abt 1830-
Jesse MEEK
Male 1842-
Glodenia Laurent
Female Abt 1845-
Male 1801-1892
David H. Claxon
Male 1829-Aft 1900
Cassius Claxon
Male 1835-Aft 1856
James Newton Claxon
Male 1836-Aft 1860
New chart
Female 1841-Aft 1860
James D. Mullin
Male 1827-1895
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Martha C.
Female 1833-1862
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Elizabeth "Bettie"
Female 1845-Aft 1900
Cassius Claxon
Male 1835-Aft 1880
Nancy J. Claxon
Female 1841-Aft 1860
James Newton Claxon
Male 1836-Aft 1860
New chart
James Claxon
Male 1805-1843
Harrison Claxon
Male 1808-Bef 1841
Rasthina A
Female 1835-
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New chart
Female Abt 1840-
Male Abt 1840-
New chart
Jane Smoot
Female 1842-1905
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Harriett Claxon
Female 1811-1898
Reed Smoot
Male Abt 1810-
T. L. Irwin
Male Abt 1840-
Harriet Claxon
Female 1846-1853
Mary Elizabeth Culver
Female Abt 1848-Abt 1874
New chart
Henderson Claxon
Male 1811-1854
Mahala Bates
Female 1808-1841
Joseph Claxon
Male 1837-Aft 1850
Female 1842-Aft 1850
Gabriel Claxon
Male 1844-Aft 1850
Zachariah CLAXON
Male 1847-Aft 1850
John W. Claxon
Male 1849-Aft 1850
Reuben Claxon
Male 1812-Aft 1875
Elizabeth WOODFILL
Female 1815-Aft 1870
Thomas M. Claxon
Male 1815-1874
Anna Bates
Female 1856-1892
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Maggie M. Haydon
Female 1872-1930
New chart
Mary A. Claxon
Female 1851-Aft 1870
New chart
Harriett A. Claxon
Female 1855-Aft 1860
New chart
William Claxon
Male 1817-1872
Louis B. Bates
Male Bef 1820-
Marshall Claxon
Male Abt 1855-
Marshall Claxon
Male Abt 1855-
Cassius Claxon
Male 1782-1872
John M Bassett
Male Abt 1847-1848
Mary E. Bassett
Female Abt 1849-1864
Lutitia F. Bassett
Female Abt 1851-1869
Stephen Bassett
Male 1853-Aft 1930
Alice Ann David
Female 1870-1937
New chart
James T Bassett
Male 1856-Aft 1920
Caroline E. David
Female 1869-Aft 1930
New chart
William Henry Bassett
Male 1816-Aft 1880
Nancy Ellis
Female 1821-Aft 1900
Hiram A Bassett
Male 1846-1907
Malinda Boyle
Female 1847-1914
New chart
Virgil S Bassett
Male 1848-Abt 1955
Sarah A Conyers
Female 1852-1893
New chart
John Bassett
Male 1818-Bef 1900
Rebecca Lathrop
Female 1828-1859
Martha Boyle
Female 1835-1932
Newton T Bassett
Male 1843-1914
Lydia Ann Johnson
Female 1854-Bef 1880
New chart
Thomas A Bassett
Male 1845-1914
Jane M Pugsley
Female 1851-1938
New chart
Helena V Bassett
Female 1849-1918
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New chart
Clara G Lugar
Female 1872-1900
New chart
Emeline Pugsley
Female 1853-1892
New chart
Emmett Bassett
Male 1858-1931
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Julia Ann Wetherbee
Female 1823-Aft 1885
James Wetherbee
Male 1841-1841
William Wetherbee
Male 1842-Aft 1910
Susanna Benham
Female 1852-Aft 1910
New chart
William F. Rand
Male 1842-1898
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Margeret Wetherbee
Female Abt 1848-Bef 1860
Female 1856-
Nancy Bassett
Female 1823-1897
William M. Bassett
Male 1852-Aft 1930
Female 1855-Aft 1930
James Bassett
Male 1825-Abt 1858
Female 1851-
Bell Watts
Female 1866-
John Watts
Male 1826-
Lucinda Bassett
Female 1853-1941
New chart
Ferdinand Bassett
Male 1867-Aft 1930
Stephen M. Bassett
Male 1830-Aft 1880
Eliza T Sebring
Female 1830-1878
Mary B Jackson
Female 1791-Aft 1850
James H Wade
Male 1836-1905
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New chart
Mary Jane Dennis
Female 1845-1920
New chart
George W Turner
Male 1838-1917
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New chart
Nancy A Bassett
Female 1817-1897
Thomas Kinnett
Male 1814-1891
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James F Bassett
Male 1857-Bef 1910
Mattie Barton
Female Abt 1863-Aft 1910
New chart
Josiah Bassett
Male 1818-1897
Elizabeth Horton
Female Abt 1822-Aft 1880
New chart
Lavenia A Horton
Female Abt 1850-
Alexander Horton
Male 1856-Aft 1920
Elizabeth Bassett
Female 1820-Aft 1870
Minor Horton
Male Abt 1818-Aft 1870
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New chart
Isora O'Neil
Female 1864-1950
New chart
Eva O'Neil
Female 1868-
Margaret Bassett
Female 1822-Abt 1885
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Arthur W Bassett
Male 1856-1905
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Elizabeth Boil Boyle
Female 1826-Abt 1862
Robert Bassett
Male 1872-1904
John Bassett
Male 1874-1905
New chart
Margaret Mary Willis
Female 1843-Aft 1910
Indiana Henson
Male Abt 1849-
Mary L
Female 1855-
New chart
Susannah Bassett
Female 1829-1880
James Steele
Male 1852-1893
Isabel Whitaker
Female 1854-1941
New chart
William Steele
Male 1819-1904
Sarah A Bassett
Female 1836-1927
James Bassett
Male 1793-1850
Dorcas Clark
Female 1803-Abt 1875
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Eliza Nicholson
Female Abt 1856-
New chart
Mary A. Nicholson
Female Abt 1815-Aft 1850
Mary J Nicholson
Female Abt 1863-
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New chart
Samuel Nicholson
Male 1823-1899
Mary Jane McGee
Female 1825-1856
New chart
Isabella L MCGEE
Female 1843-1882
Ascha Nicholson
Female 1825-1866
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Anna Elida COON
Female 1863-1945
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Lucy Ann Elless
Female 1865-1896
David Henry Ellis
Male 1867-Aft 1929
Amelia A Hines
Female 1863-Aft 1929
Rosa Elless
Female 1871-1944
Samuel Elless
Male Abt 1873-
Joseph L Elless
Male 1835-1901
Lucy A Nicholson
Female 1856-1926
Anna Fink
Female 1860-1950
Female 1872-
Edith M Weston
Female 1876-1972
Ellen Elless
Female 1835-1909
Sarah Nicholson
Female Abt 1859-
Alice Lura
Female 1867-
New chart
New chart
Mary E Nicholson
Female Abt 1866-
George Nicholson
Male Abt 1867-
New chart
Female Abt 1839-Abt 1890
Eliza Harris
Female Abt 1837-
Caroline SWISHER
Female 1822-1849
William Edwards
Male 1817-1878
Male 1825-1854
Tilghman SWISHER
Male Abt 1860-1950
Male Abt 1859-
Female Abt 1863-
Female 1865-Bef 1930
Charles F. Days
Male 1862-Bef 1930
New chart
Female Abt 1872-
Samantha J Petty
Female 1849-1927
New chart
George W Petty
Male 1850-1919
Frances M Petty
Female 1853-1861
Mary E Petty
Female 1855-1861
Eliza A Petty
Female 1857-1861
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New chart
Margaret F Petty
Female 1865-1867
Dora B Petty
Female 1867-1883
Matilda Swisher
Female 1823-1914
Caleb Petty
Male 1814-1900
Elizabeth Bassett
Female 1798-Abt 1831
George W Swisher
Male 1799-1852
James Ward
Male 1853-
James Sams
Male 1857-
John Sams
Male 1858-
Nathan Sams
Male 1861-1940
New chart
Ellis Sams
Male 1820-1909
Jacob Dowers
Male 1823-1859
William Dowers
Male 1824-1832
Laura Combs
Female 1872-1952
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New chart
Mary Jane Pate
Female 1859-1912
John R Pate
Male 1867-1868
Male Abt 1865-
David C Pate
Male 1828-1898
Perry Strater
Male 1870-1948
Louisa Darnell
Female Abt 1871-1949
New chart
Louisa Huffman
Female 1868-1952
New chart
Joshua Dowers
Male Abt 1863-
Female Abt 1882-
New chart
Carrie Meredith
Female 1885-1973
New chart
Jim Dowers(twin)
Male 1871-1961
Bill Clark
Male 1878-1963
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