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Josephine Bassett

Female 1886 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Josephine Bassett was born 15 Jan 1886, Randolph County, Alabama, USA (daughter of Thomas Jefferson Bassett, Jr. and Julia Ann Josephine Browning).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Thomas Jefferson Bassett, Jr. was born 7 Feb 1847, Randolph County, Alabama (son of Thomas Jefferson Bassett and Mary Polly TRAYLOR); died 9 Oct 1920, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.


    1880 Federal Census of Beat 7/8, Randolph County, Alabama (12 Jun 1880
    Thomas J. Bassett 2nd 33 M AL -- -- Head Farmer
    Julia A. 24 F AL NC NC Wife Keeping house
    William N. 6 M MS AL AL Son
    Lovett J. 4 M AL AL AL Son
    Thomas J. 2 M AL AL AL Son
    Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemtery, Randolph County, Alabama
    Township 21, Range 12, Section 19

    Thomas Jefferson Bassett Feb. 7, 1847 Oct 9., 1920
    Julia Browning Bassett Sep. 4, 1856 Sep.4., 1920

    Edgar W. Bassett May 5, 1888 Mar. 28, 1978
    Cora L. Bassett Jan 17, 1892 Aug. 24, 1976
    Lee Edward Bassett Nov 6, 1907 OD Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Bassett

    Nettie A. Bassett Mar 22, 1924 Nov. 27, 1924
    Homer W. Bassett Born & Died Jan. 1, 1917

    Thomas married Julia Ann Josephine Browning Abt 1870, Alabama, USA. Julia was born 4 Sep 1856, Alabama; died 4 Sep 1920, Alabama, USA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Julia Ann Josephine Browning was born 4 Sep 1856, Alabama; died 4 Sep 1920, Alabama, USA.
    1. William Newton Bassett was born 25 Aug 1873, Randolph Co, Alabama; died 5 Oct 1955, Randolph Co., Alabama.
    2. Lovert Jackson "Jack" Bassett was born 11 Jan 1876, Randolph County, Alabama, USA; died 22 Sep 1940, Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama, USA; was buried See Note, Union HIll Baptist Church Cemetery.
    3. Thomas Jefferson Bassett, III was born 16 May 1878, Alabama, USA; died 9 Jul 1958, Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama, USA; was buried 1958, Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    4. Emma Leola Bassett was born 26 Nov 1880, Alabama, USA; died 9 Aug 1962, Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    5. 1. Josephine Bassett was born 15 Jan 1886, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    6. Charlie Alexander Bassett was born 16 Jan 1886, Alabama, USA; died 10 Mar 1940, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    7. Edgar Washington Bassett was born 5 May 1888, Randolph County, Alabama, USA; died 28 Mar 1978, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    8. Henry Grady Bassett was born 11 Sep 1891, Randolph County, Alabama, USA; died 11 Feb 1925, Chambers County, Alabama, USA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Thomas Jefferson Bassett was born 15 Dec 1815, Morgan County, Georgia (son of John Bassett and Agatha Heard); died 1 Dec 1905, Clay County (or Randolph County), Lineville, Alabama; was buried December, 1905, Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay County, Lineville, Alabama.

    Other Events:

    • _MILT: Enlisted 14 Mar 1862, Alabama; Confederate States Army Civil War


    1840 Federal Census of Troup County, Georgia
    Thomas Bassett 1000100-1000200

    1860 Federal Census of Randolph County, Alabama
    Thomas Bassett 45 M Georgia
    Mary 47 F Georgia
    John A. 21 M Georgia
    Edward W. 18 M Georgia
    Francis M. 16 M Georgia
    Thomas J. 13 M Alabama
    William D. 12 M Alabama
    Mary E. 9 F Alabama

    1870 Federal Census of Almond, Randolph County, Alabama (10 Jul 1870)
    Thomas Bassett 54 M Georgia Farmer 1000 500
    Polly 57 F Georgia Keeps House
    Thomas Jr. 23 M Alabama Farmer
    William 21 M Alabama Farmer
    Living next door
    Caroline Bassett B 27 F Georgia Farm laborer
    Amanda B 12 F Alabama Farm laborer
    Lucinda M 10 F Alabama Farm laborer
    Rose M 8 F Alabama Farm laborer
    To? M 6 F Alabama Farm laborer
    Aaron M 4 M Alabama Farm laborer
    Rachel M 1 F Alabama

    Thomas was first married to Mary Traylor who was born in Georgia in 1811, no date of birth is given, the year inscribed on her tombstone, in the old Sweetwater cemetery near Cragford, Ala. The cemetery is at present abondoned and was near the family plantation on the Little Tallapoosa river. Also the date of her death is given as Nov. 8, 1872, where about is unknown, neither is place of marriage. The family lived on the Wesobulga plantation when John Alexander was married to Miss Arnet Kittly and remained there until he entered the Confederate Army, his wife and small son remained with his father and his family.
    John Alexander (J.A.) enlisted at Wesobulga, Ala. (the present town of Cragford) May 3rd, 1862 in Company G 46th Ala. Infantry Regular and took his boot training at Camp Shorter Locahapolka and served in the war three years. He was present on muster role May 15th, 1862 and was wounded June 5, 1863. He died of MIssissippi (yellow) fever during the siege of Vicksburge July 2nd 1863 two days before the Confederates surrendered according to the records, both at Washington, D.C. and the Veterans Administration in Montgomery, Ala. No inquires were made of him and his belongings were never claimed. These records were furnished by hospital personnel.
    Arnet Kittly Bassett and her small son Thomas Edward remained at the plantation as the mother of John A., who lost three sons in the C.S.A., as a result her mind became affected and Arnet acted as nurse. She died Nov. 8th, 1872, after which Arnet and her son left the plantation. Edward W. served as a private in the C.S.A. and also died of the fever. J.A. Served as Top Sargent, the third son of Francis M. also served with the C.S.A. also died and is believed he died in southern Tenn. in Nov. of 1862, but no recorded information is available.
    Arnet told of the day when the war ended at the plantation. The same day Thomas went to the town of Lineville to get the news of the end of hostilities. On returning home late, the next morning after breakfast, he told his son to go to the slave quarters and to tell the slaves to come to the house as he wanted to talke to them. After they had all arrived he said to them, the war was over and they were free and he had no more control over them. They were free to go anywhere that they wanted to go and do anything they liked. After a few moments of silence they began to cry. He was surprised and asked what was was wrong, "Aren't you glad to be free"? When the oldest who had been overseer looked at his master and siad "Marse Tom, we have no place to go and we have no money. All we know to do is to farm. We have no land, no money, no farm tools and no stock". Arnet said her father-in-law was very surprised as he had expected them to leave at once. Also, somewhat pleased, he told them that he had been runied by the war, but he had his land and tools as well as stock and if they wanted to stay, he would provide everything and whatever they made that the harvest would be divided with them. They were still there thirty years later when he was old and disabled and in a wheel chair. When on a second occassion he called them in again and told them they just had to leave and to begin to shift for themselves, again they began to cry and were crying when Eunice Bassett with her little daughter, Romain, came in and Romain said many years later as she looked at all those black faces with the tears running down their faces, she began to scream to the top of her voice, although she did not know what it was all about. Thomas remarried to a widow with two children. Her name was Aseneth Mayo and lived on the same farm until his death, Dec. 1st, 1905. His birth is given as Dec. 15th, 1815. He was buried between his two wives and his marker is engraved with a Masonic emblem. His three remaining children married and lived in Clay and Randolph Cos. all their lives. His only daughter who attended the local summer school, when on her way home would always pick a bouquet of wild flowers for her favorite slave, a girl called Rose and Rose would be waiting in a Hammock for the flowers as Mary came home.
    Arnet Kittly Bassett left the farm when Mary, her Mother-in-law, passed away she took her son and lived with her widowed mother and near her two brothers. When young Ed was about thirteen years old, she, her mother with two brothers (Ben and Bailey) Ikttly) and Baileys family moved to Arkansas. They settled near Wilton in Little River Co.
    Arnet and son, Ed, bought land in Sevier Co. near Benlomond, Ark. She later married James Bee Zachry, died Jan. 12, 1914. Thomas Ed married first Fannie D. Falls at Lockesburg, Ark. (date unknown) and lived at Wilton. The couple had three children: Clarence Mar. 7th, 1891 Perry July 2nd, 1892 Bessie Dec. 26th, 1893 Lonnie Apr. 14th, 1895.
    Fannie D. Bassett died May 7th, 1896. T.E. married Bettie Loyd at Horatio, Ark. Jan. 6th, 1897. Their children were : George Dewey, May 18th, 1989; Edna, OCt. 27, 1900; Roy? Clyde? Tom July 4th, 1907, Clara Alice, Marie Grace, Fred, Glenn, Claudie Fay and Earnest. Ernest died in the second year of his age at Nashoba, Okla, and is buried at Antlers.
    When Marie Grace was born, the family had run out of names to Lon and George wrote the names of two of their girl friends on paper and put them in a hat and had Tom to draw them out and Marie got a name of each of their girls. Lon's girl was Marie McQuirrey, and George's girl was Grace McLain.

    Cemetery Inscriptions

    Thomas Bassett b. Dec ??? 1815; died Dec 1, 1905, Another link is broken;
    In our household band; But a chain is forming; In a better land.
    Mary Bassett; Born 1811; Deic Nov. 3, 1872; Blessed are the dead;
    Which die in the Lord.
    Asenath Bassett Born Oct. 13, 1832; Died May 19, 1908; The gift of God is;
    eternal life through; Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Thomas married Mary Polly TRAYLOR 11 May 1837, Troup County, Georgia. Mary (daughter of Edward TRAYLOR and Annie BANKS) was born 1811, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA; died 3 Nov 1872, Randolph County, Alabama; was buried 1872, Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay County, Lineville, Alabama. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary Polly TRAYLOR was born 1811, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA (daughter of Edward TRAYLOR and Annie BANKS); died 3 Nov 1872, Randolph County, Alabama; was buried 1872, Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay County, Lineville, Alabama.


    Sweetwater Cemetery Marker

    1. Peter BASSETT was born 1838.
    2. Pamelia Ann Bassett was born 5 Jan 1838, Troup County, Georgia, USA; died 1889, Clark County, Arkansas.
    3. Unknown Bassett was born 1839.
    4. John Alexander Bassett was born 1840, Troup County, Georgia, USA; died 2 Jul 1863, Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi, USA.
    5. Elisha Edward Bassett was born 1842, Georgia (?).
    6. Francis M. Bassett Bassett was born 1844, Randolph County, Alabama; died 16 Aug 1862, Readyville, Cannon County, Tennessee, USA.
    7. 2. Thomas Jefferson Bassett, Jr. was born 7 Feb 1847, Randolph County, Alabama; died 9 Oct 1920, Randolph County, Alabama, USA.
    8. William Dossin Bassett was born 18 Dec 1849, Randolph County, Alabama; died 3 Apr 1915, Randolph County, Alabama; was buried 1915, New Hope West Baptist Church, Randolph County, Alabama.
    9. Mary Evaline Bassett was born 6 Aug 1851, Randolph County, Alabama; died 25 Jun 1937, Clay County, Alabama, USA.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John Bassett was born 1787, Maryland or Georgia (son of Richard William Bassett and Ann unk); died Abt 1859, Troup county, Georgia; was buried 1859, Troup county, Georgia.

    Other Events:

    • _MILT: 21 Nov 1814 - 8 Mar 1815, Private, War of 1812; Capt. Jesse Thomas' Company, Infantry, 3 Regiment, Georgia Militia


    John and Agatha are buried in a cemetery near West Point Lake. There is no way to get to the cemetery as there is no longer a roadway. John enlisted in the War of 1812 on 21 Nov 1814 and served until 8 Mar 1815 as a private in Capt. Jesse Thmas’ Company of Infantry, 3 Regiment, Georgia Militia.
    Agatha is referred to as Agatha Bassett in her father George Heard's will, dated 6 Jan 1851 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi.
    I found an IGI record for John Bassett, son of Richard Bassett, for 1787 at Saint Pauls Parish in Richmond, Georgia.

    1850 Federal Census of Troup County, Georgia
    John Bassett 63 M Georgia Farmer 4000
    Agatha 22 F Georgia
    Richard M. 21 M Georgia Farmer
    Eliza 19 F Georgia
    Rufus 15 M Georgia Farmer
    Lloyd B. 11 M Georgia

    1860 Federal Census of West Warren District, Troup County, Georgia (17 Jun 1860)
    R. Bassett 30 M Georgia Farmer --- 4000
    John Sample 21 M Georgia Grocer
    E. Bassett 9 F Georgia
    Living next door
    A. Bassett 60 F Georgia 7000 8000
    Floyd 20 M Georgia Farmer
    Jane 18 F Georgia

    His property was valued at $4,000. He had 9 slaves.

    State of Georgia, Troup County

    This indenture made and entered into this Jany 7th A.D. one thousand Eight hudnred and fifty Six by and between John Bassett of the Said County and State of the one part and Agatha Bassett the present wife of the Said John Bassett of Same place of the other part. Witnesseth: That the Said John Bassett for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he has for and to his said wief Agath Bassett together with the attention and affection render him (the Said John Bassett) by her (the Said Agatha Bassett) during their contirmance together in mutual matrimony hath this day given and granted and conveyed and does by these presents give grant & convey unto the said Agatha Bassett during her life time all that tract or parcel of Land whereon I now reside Situate lying and being in the fifteenth district of Originally Carroll but now Troup County, ebracing munber nineteen (19) and part of no. twenty Six (26) all of number one hudnred and fifty two (152) in the fourteenth District of Said County and State. Also part of lot number twenty Seven (27) and part of lot number (62) in the fifteenth District of Originally Carroll now Troup County in all containing five hundred and fifty siz acres more or less together with whatever other lands I may be Professed? of at my death to have and to hold the Said tracts or parcels of land unto her the Said Agatha Bassett together with all and singular the rights members and appertenances to the Same in any manner belonging to her own proper use benefit and behoof for and during her natural life in fee Simple. Also for the consideration above named + give unto my beloved wife the Said Agatha Bassett the following negros to wit. Bachel a woman and her four children Jack, a boy, Simeon, a boy, Julian a girl and Monroe, a boy. Margarett a gril William a man, Charles a man and Fanny a woman also whatever other servants I may possess at my death to have and hold the above named servants during her natural life unless same or all the above named servants become unruly nad refus to be governed and contralled by her the Said Agatha Bassett in which case the Servant becoming thus unruly Shall at her the Said Agatha Bassett say so be put on the blocks in the Town of LaGrange and Sold off the highest bidder on a twelve months credit and the proceeds of the sale belong to the Said Agatha Bassett the same as Servant did before being sold to appropriate the ????? to her the Said Agatha Bssett own use and benefit during life. I also at my death commit my body unto the hands and care of my beloved wife Agatha Bassett to be decently interred and after all my just debts are paid I further more give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Agatha Bassett for and during her natural life all my Sotck of every discription horses or mules cows, hogs and every other species of live stock I may be possessed of at my death together with all ma??? on hand bonds notes ??? or other evideinces of debt also all my plantation tools of every order and desciprtion waggons, carts, plows, hoes etc. together with all my household and kitchen furniture clothing and every other description of property that I may be possessed of at my death to have and to hold the Same and control it as her best Judgement and interest may direct for and during the terms of her natural life unmolested by and press? whatever.
    In witness whereof I the Said John Bassett hath hereunto Set my hand and affixed my Seal the day and date above written.

    Signed Sealed and acknowledged John Bassett JB

    Georgia, Troup County, Jany 7th, 1856

    I the Said John Bassett being Still of Sound mind and disposing memory though arrived to the years when I just Soon depart this life do for the further adjustment of my worldly matters decree that after the death of my bleoved wife Agath Bassett that whatever of property there may be belonging in any manner whatever to my Estate including both that which were deeded for life to my beloved wife Agatha Bassett and what may have been accumulated during her control over it both personal and real Sahll be siposed of in the following manner: 1st Pay all the just debts and burial expenses of my beloved wife Agatha Bassett 2nd Pay Richard L. Bassett my fourth son Rufus Bassett my fifth son and Floyd Bassett my sixth son the sum of fifteen hundred dollars that is five hundred dollars to each one which will make the Shares of all my children as nearly equal as I can possibly make it all the others having received about that much to each one hertefore. 3rd Then divide the remainder of all the property equally between my nine children viz Thomas Bassett, Eliza M Lancaster wife of Lewis Lancaster Sarh B. Brooks wife of William Brooks William P. Bassett John N. Bassett Richard L. Bassett Nancy B. Whatley wife of Willis J. Watley, Rufus H. Bassett and Floyd H. Bassett So that each child at the final division and settlement may not have one dollar more of said property than another. An for fully carrying out my intentions as expressed in this instrument I do hereby appoint Thomas Bassett my Son and Richard L. Bassett my Son and Willis Whatley my son in Law to see to it and fully carry it out as above directed.
    In tesimony whereof I have this day set my hand and affixed my seal.
    John Bassett JB

    Harmony Cemetery, Harmony Methodist Church, Troup County, Georgia

    Bassett Family Plot
    Clara R. Consort of R.L. Bassett,
    born Feb. 22, 1830, died June 11
    Not Dead, But Sleepeth
    Texas P. Freeman, wife of F.R. Bassett, born
    Oct. 8, 1867, died Oct. 16, 1902.

    Antioch Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia
    In Memory of Eliza Jane
    Consort of R.L. Bassett
    Born April 25, 1830
    Died Feb. 17, 1860

    Wehadkee Baptist Church, Troup County, Georgia
    Mary A. Bassett, born Dec. 1, 1833,
    Died March 13, 1913
    Preserve me, Oh God, for in thee do I
    put my trust. Psalm XVII.

    John married Agatha Heard 16 Aug 1814, Morgan County, Georgia. Agatha (daughter of George Heard and Sally Bostick) was born Abt 1798; died Aft 1860. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Agatha Heard was born Abt 1798 (daughter of George Heard and Sally Bostick); died Aft 1860.


    Agatha Heard Bassett was the granddaughter of Stephen Heard and his first wife, Margaret. Born 1748 in Virginia. Died, 1815 in Morgan County, Georgia. He provided patriotic service in the Revolutionary War in Henry Co., Virginia. Will, dated 23 Jul 1812 in Morgan County, Georgia, names son George.

    1. 4. Thomas Jefferson Bassett was born 15 Dec 1815, Morgan County, Georgia; died 1 Dec 1905, Clay County (or Randolph County), Lineville, Alabama; was buried December, 1905, Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay County, Lineville, Alabama.
    2. Eliza Louisa Bassett was born Abt 1817, Georgia; died 1865, Georgia.
    3. Sarah Bostick Bassett was born 7 Oct 1819, Morgan County, Georgia; died 28 Jun 1859, New Albany, Pontotoc County, Mississippi; was buried 1859, Zion Hill Cemetery.
    4. William Parnell "Pern" Bassett was born 27 Jul 1822, Gwinnette County, Georgia, USA; died 8 Oct 1904, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas, USA; was buried , New Prospect Cemetery, Rusk County, Texas.
    5. John Newton Bassett was born 9 Mar 1825, Troup, Georgia, USA; died 9 Nov 1885, Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas; was buried 1885, City Cemetery, Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas.
    6. Richard Lawson Bassett was born 9 May 1829, Troup County, Georgia; died 22 Nov 1917, Chambers County, Alabama.
    7. Nancy Berella Bassett was born 12 Aug 1832; died 23 Nov 1861.
    8. Rufus H. Bassett was born Abt 1835, Georgia; died 28 Aug 1862, Monocany, Maryland.
    9. Floyd H. Bassett was born 1839, Georgia; died 8 Oct 1863, Perryville, Kentucky.

  3. 10.  Edward TRAYLOR was born 1775, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA; died Jul 1830, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA.

    Edward married Annie BANKS. Annie was born 1765, Virginia, USA; died 20 May 1818, Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Annie BANKS was born 1765, Virginia, USA; died 20 May 1818, Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA.
    1. 5. Mary Polly TRAYLOR was born 1811, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA; died 3 Nov 1872, Randolph County, Alabama; was buried 1872, Sweetwater Cemetery, Clay County, Lineville, Alabama.