June “Extras”

We tried to record my Bassett DNA presentation last week to put online, but ran into technical difficulties. One of my four children attended the presentation, the first child to attend any genealogy presentation I have ever made. Happy Fathers Day!

No new trees were added this month.

No new families added or combined since the last newsletter.

Totals number of individuals loaded into the Bassett website: 195,404

DNA Project Update:
In some old histories, the Bazett family below is identified as being related to the Bassett family. I found a male Bazett descended from this family to participate in my Bassett Y-DNA project. Results are back. Not only did this Bazett not match any other with the Bassett surname, his Y-DNA matched no other males at all!

First Generation
547B Mattieu Basset/Matthew Bazett

Mattieu Basset/Matthew Bazett, was born about 1668 in France. A Hugenot, he arrived in St Helena as an East India Company soldier. He died after 3 Apr 1719. He married Bridget Coales on 15 Dec 1691 in St Helena.


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